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This story takes place mostly in and around the town of Valerim, a small way-point on an important trade route running between Shalespike at the center of the Vale and far-flung Polon on the edge of the Sulphur Coast.

In general, Valerim serves the traveling caravans running between these two cities, and the farmers in the outlying, fertile land.

Valerim is relatively peaceful as towns go. The political climate is stable, but the region is troubled sporatically by any number of normal nastiness. Goblins come down in small tribes from the foothills at the edge of the vale to steal cattle and produce. Mischievous fey turn hostile as farmers clear more and more forest. Even the natural karst caverns that underly the region are home to unnamed threats.

Mostly, however, things in Valerim are good. Every year or two, a general election is taken up in the community to choose a child of great potential. Whenever one is found, that child is sent to Shalespike with enough money to purchase an apprenticeship.

Main Page

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